Ramble by Sunil Bahl

Norwegian Red Cab

Norwegian Airlines created an interactive experience that enabled visitors in an Oslo shopping mall to control a New York City taxi in real-time. A special tour guide in the taxi also helped the interested visitors discover New York City while creating awareness around Norwegian Airlines direct long-haul destinations from Oslo to New York, Miami, LA, San Francisco, and Bangkok.


Honda ‘The Other Side’

Car brands are always trying to show that their cars have different sides to their personalities i.e. sporty vs. reliable, safe vs. cool, etc. What makes Honda's latest effort unique is its YouTube video. By simply holding down the "R" key on the keyboard, the viewer can instantly switch between two different videos.

To execute this innovation, Wieden & Kennedy London had to create two storylines i.e. one of an easygoing Dad doing the school run and the second as an undercover cop posing as a getaway driver. Both of which were then expertly mirrored with contrasting style and tone. The interactive experience was then put together by Stinkdigital at Honda’s YouTube Channel.



After decades of no innovation in the luggage industry, the suitcase has finally been re-imagined for the modern traveler.

Dubbed as "Bluesmart", this smart carry-on suitcase when synced with the travelers phone can lock and unlock itself, weigh itself, track its own location, send a notification when left behind and charge the phone 6 times over with its built-in battery.

For more details visit the Bluesmart crowdfunding page.


Quilmes Mitigol

Quilmes with their agency +Castro reinvented the classic game of foosball. In its new version they enabled Argentinians and Brazilians to play each other in real-time through a custom made digital foosball table.

Dubbed as "Mitigol”, one half of the table was placed in Argentina and the other half in Brazil. During the game, players could see their opponent via special in-built video cameras that further enhanced the real time experience of the game. As a prize, Quilmes gave away free beer.



To launch their new game Madden NFL 15, EA Sports wanted to connect with young, football-obsessed fans and grow its association with the real world NFL. Since the average football fan was watching the game with their smartphone in hand, EA teamed up with Google to allow sport fans to provoke rivals from the comfort of their own sofa and bringing trash talk into the 21st century.

Using pioneering technology, live NFL data was fused with Madden 15 game footage to generate GIF highlights for every single game. All of this was delivered via real-time ads across sports websites and apps. As a result there was an ever growing collection of GIFs that football fans could simply take, edit and share to shove in the face of their rivals.

Try it out at www.MaddenGiferator.com.