Ramble by Sunil Bahl

World’s Toughest Job

Do you have what it takes to handle the World's Toughest Job? Mullen, an advertising agency in Boston, posted online and in newspapers a fake "Director of Operations" job for one of their clients. With over 2.7 million impressions from the paid placement, the ad got only 24 people applicants.

These applicants were then invited for a video conference, where they were told that they had to work more than 135 hours per week, with constant mobility, keen coordination and adept communication. There would also be no breaks, no holidays, and no pay. The end result was very unexpected... 8-)


Amazon Dash

Even though online shopping has revolutionized how we buy groceries, it still requires one to sit in front of a laptop or mobile device to order the item. So to revolutionize this further, Amazon has launched a first of its kind 'magic wand' called Amazon Dash that acts as a handheld, personal shopping assistant. The device can add items to the users AmazonFresh (US Only) online shopping list via a simple voice command or by scanning the barcodes of items that are running low at home. 8-)

More details for AmazonFresh users at the official Amazon Dash microsite.


Be More Dog

O2 UK wanted to promote their brand in a new and different way. So they turned to an unlikely source i.e. dogs. With the help of VCCP and the Moving Picture Company they developed a campaign that prompted viewers to embrace their inner dog.

On visiting the campaign website - www.bemoredog.com, people were greeted by a cat that acted more like a dog. Engagement on the website was created with the help of a dual screen HTML5 Frisbee game and a bunch of customizable cat videos. Overall a great example of how TV, Mobile and Social can be seamlessly integrated. 8-)


Snickers Hungry Purchase Resale

The global Snickers campaign 'You're not you when you're hungry' has enjoyed it's fair share of buzz world over. Now to extend this campaign in Dubai and introduce people to the real threats of doing things when hungry, ad agency Impact BBDO created the 'Snickers Hungry Purchase Resale' campaign.

The campaign was based on the insight that often during sales, people buy things they later regret. Snickers blamed these shopping bloopers on hunger and so in partnership with Dubizzle.com (the region's leading classified website) allowed shoppers to upload items they wanted to sell straight into special Snickers branded banners that appeared on the homepage of Dubizzle.com. The results...


Happy Beer Time

Nowdays people like to go out, take photos and share it on Instagram. So Carlsberg along with Danish agency Konstellation decided to put a social twist to the well known concept of Happy Hour.

To ensure that people at bars in Denmark continued buying Carlsberg, they asked them to snap an Instargram photo and tag it with #barname and #happybeertime. The successfully tagged photos then helped extend the Happy Beer Time clock which in turn allowed everyone at the bar to drink Carlsberg at a discounted price.

Budweiser was however the first to pioneer this Happy Hour 2.0 concept in August 2012. But Carlsberg is the one that managed to connect it to social media.