Ramble by Sunil Bahl

Moda, the world’s first digital makeup artist

Never got the hang of applying makeup with your own hands? Not to worry. Moda from Foreo is set to become the world’s first digital makeup artist. Using facial scanning technology and a 3D printer it can adapt and apply the latest makeup trends directly to the user's face in just about 30 seconds.

To begin, users need to download an integrated smartphone app and select the style they want to emulate. This could be from Moda's image library, a photo of a celebrity from the internet or a picture of a fashionable friend. Once the selection has been made, it customizes the colors and shapes to suit the wearer’s skin tone and face shape. Then when the face is placed into the device, Moda paints it using FDA-approved makeup ink.

With the vast number of online videos showing users how to copy celebrity makeup styles, there certainly seems to be a potential audience for Moda. For more infos on its availability visit www.foreo.com/moda.


Living Memories

Each week in New Zealand, five families are told the devastating news that someone they love, is someone they will never see again. Their families don't just lose a loved one. They lose everything that person could have become.

So as part of National Road Safety Week, Brake (a road safety charity) partnered with ad agency Y&R New Zealand to create a highly emotional and impactful campaign encouraging New Zealanders to think about the potential life-long cost of their decisions on the road.

Five families from around the country volunteered to be part of the project. Each family worked with a forensic age progression specialist and the digital artists at Weta Digital, to help create an individual portrait of what their child would look like today if he/she was still alive.

For more visit www.livingmemories.org.nz.


Mother and the Motion Cookies


Sensors are becoming more and more prevelant in our daily lives. Jawbone Up, Fitbit and many other wearable devices already collect all sorts of data for us to evaluate. Now a US based startup called Sense has created Mother and the Motion Cookies, a family of smart sensors that help you track the functions you want, while allowing you to change them as often as you need.

All one has to do is select what you want to monitor, place a Motion Cookie on the appropriate object and get alerts when it's important. Watch the demo video for more...

More infos at: www.sen.se/store/mother.


Shadow Wifi

Instead of simply informing people of the dangers of UV rays and spending too much time in the sun during the summer months, the Peruvian League Against Cancer and agency Happiness Brussel teamed up to create a "Shadow WiFi" network, that educated people on skin cancer prevention while providing them with free WiFi in the shade.

A large looming blue structure was setup at Playa Agua Dulce in Peru which provided people on the beach with free WiFi access in its shade. A directional antenna ensured that the WiFi was only delivered to the shadow area of the structure. A sensor tracked the movements of the sun throughout the day and changed the rotation of the WiFi antenna. So as the sun moved, so did the shadow along with the WiFi seekers.


The Powerade Workout Billboard

Powerade with the help of Ogilvy & Mather setup several workout billboards in Berlin that apart from advertising the product, also doubled up as workout equipment to emphasize the brands attitude "You have more power than you think".

People practicing their rock climbing, weight lifting and boxing skills on the unique billboards were also rewarded with some free Powerade to help replenish their electrolytes.