Ramble by Sunil Bahl

Galaxy 11

Samsung to promote its new Galaxy S5 smartphone during the 2014 World Cup, created a 13 minute (split in 2 parts) animated film that featured some of the world's greatest footballers on a mission to save Earth from an alien race called Hurakan.

To save Earth from total annihilation, the human footballers dubbed the "Galaxy 11" get into a winner take all football match with the alien race. In the film, the Galaxy 11 are seen using the various Samsung Galaxy devices to face off against the horned creatures, who have a penchant for flips and fancy kicks.

Part 1

Part 2

For more photos and videos visit www.thegalaxy11.com.


Glimpses of World Cup 2014

Can't believe its over! The 2014 World Cup has left a large gaping hole in our lives and now we need to wait four more years to fill it with the next one. Oh God!

So before we fall back into our daily grind, here is one last look at the four world cup weeks in four emotional minutes, courtesy ESPN...


Nike Phenomenal Shot

Social media and mobile devices have driven fundamental changes in consumer behavior and opened up new avenues for consumers to engage with brands. The need to move faster is greater now than it has ever been. Hence more and more brands around the world have been learning from social media and deploying real time digital and traditional media strategies.

During the recently concluded World Cup in Brazil, Google teamed up with Nike to generate eight different real time campaigns that allowed fans to celebrate, remix and share memorable sports moments, just seconds after they happened. As a result Nike got over two million fan interactions across 200 different countries.

To try it out yourself hop over to riskeverything.nike.com.


Pay Per Laugh

In mid-2013, the art industry in Spain suffered a big blow. The government decided to raise tax for theatrical shows from 8% to 21%, resulting in a great loss of audience. So independent comedy theatre company Teatreneu decided to launch a comedy show that you paid for only when you laughed.

Entrace to the show was totally free. But for every laugh during the show the spectator had to pay 30 euro cents, with the maximum amount being 24 Euros for 80 laughs. This unique way of charging for the show was made possible by fitting each theatre seat with a facial recognition system that detected the smile of the spectators.

As a result, the average price of the ticket increased by 6 Euros. The technology used was the talk of the town and it increased the show viewership by 35%.


The Football Machine

Herta a German subsidiary of the Nestle Group, launched a new product in Belgium called Knacki FootBall - small meatballs that look like footballs.

Then at a local train station, they placed a vending machine that offered these meatballs for free. But what people did not know was that to get the free meatballs they had to play a game of football inside the vending machine against a Belgian football legend Leo Van Der Elst. The results...