Ramble by Sunil Bahl

Microsoft HoloLens

Last week at Microsoft's Windows 10 event, the company unveiled a new augmented reality experience for the platform, called HoloLens. Using a special holographic headseat, Windows 10 users will now be able to make holograms appear in real life. 8-)

The device is said to use see-through lenses, spatial sound, advanced sensors and a holographic processing unit to provide a state of the art untethered augmented reality experience.

Here is a short demo video of the next step of computing...


Playable Album Cover

Novalia is a technology company based in Cambridge, UK that is responsible for transforming classic print surfaces into smart touch based surfaces through special conductive ink and sensors e.g. The Sound of Taste from May 2014.

For their latest project they have worked with DJ Qbert to create the world's first interactive DJ Deck on an album cover. Touching the cover activates the companion Algoriddim DJAY app that allows the user to scratch, mix and fade any songs they have already loaded in the app directly from the paper surface of the album cover.


Norwegian Red Cab

Norwegian Airlines created an interactive experience that enabled visitors in an Oslo shopping mall to control a New York City taxi in real-time. A special tour guide in the taxi also helped the interested visitors discover New York City while creating awareness around Norwegian Airlines direct long-haul destinations from Oslo to New York, Miami, LA, San Francisco, and Bangkok.



With HomeKit on iOS 8, Apple has made its move into the smart home space. But as we still wait for them to announce HomeKit accessories of their own, others at the ongoing CES 2015 consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow are already ready to demo such products.

Switch from iDevices, is the world's first HomeKit enabled connected plug that allows any electronic device to be plugged into it and then be controlled from a custom app or Siri while being at home or away.

To be the first to buy Switch, visit www.idevicesinc.com/switch.


Gift of Home for the Holidays


It's that time of the year again! So here is my last and very Christmassy post for the year. ;-)

Since Christmas is the season of giving, Air Canada decided to spread a little love to unsuspecting Canadian's at a local Canadian bar in London. At the bar two Air Canada pilots talked to several Canadians about how they wouldn't make it home this holiday season. After which they announced that they would be giving everyone in the bar a very special gift. What happened next would make you wish you were there for this special moment...

Until 2015! Ramble over and out.