Ramble by Sunil Bahl

Volvo HoloLens Showroom

Car companies today are relying more and more on augmented and virtual reality to help visualize their work. And for about six months now, Microsoft and Volvo have been working on a way to incorporate a "mixed reality" into the process of choosing a car. Now with the help of Microsoft's HoloLens technology they have successfully put together a car showroom straight out of science fiction.

The below video shows how car buyers will be able to check out useful features that are often overlooked because they no longer read car manuals. This detailed mixed reality visualization will also help buyers understand how the respective features work in various scenarios.


360 Videos on Facebook

In September, Facebook launched 360-degree video support. Disney was one of the first companies to use it to announce the new Star Wars film: The Force Awakens...

(Note: View the video directly on Facebook by clicking on the above image.)

Now GoPro has announced its newest 360-degree video: surfing in virtual reality with Anthony Walsh and Matahi Drollet...

(Note: View the video directly on Facebook by clicking on the above image.)

The GoPro video release has also coincided with Facebook's announcement that 360 video support is now rolling out to mobile devices (meaning it will no longer be limited to the desktop).

With more than 8 billion video views from 500 million users on a daily basis (announced during the Q3 2015 earnings call). Brands will clearly want to pour in time, money, and other resources to exploit this new marketing opportunity.

To support the growing ecosystem of 360 video creators, Facebook has also launched a new 360 video Microsite. This site is dedicated to providing relevant resources and information like upload guidelines, common questions, and best practices.


Black Bar Donation

Videos that are recorded vertically and then posted on YouTube, generally have black bars on either sides. Lots of viewers find this waste of space annoying. So JWT Brazil came up with the "Black Bar Donation" campaign that allowed people with vertical videos to donate their black bars to NGO's who needed help promoting themselves.

On visiting the campaign microsite, people could select the video to upload, tag it with the NGO of choice and then have it directly published to their YouTube channel.


The Cleanest Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the most used social networks worldwide. With billions of tweets being generated everyday, Spontex, a French homecare brand found it to be a mess.

To fight dirt online and at the same time have the cleanest Twitter account in the world, they created @SpontexFrance and started tweeting in white. This not only gave their Twitter timleine a spotless look, it got people talking about their unique Twitter account.

At first glance, the tweets from the account seemed to be blank. Clicking the tweets unlocked the secret messaging behind them. In some cases the first person to favourite the tweet won free products from Spontex.


Inspiration Corridor

One of the biggest problems brick-and-mortar retailers face these days is that many consumers prefer the convenience of shopping online. So Kl├ępierre, a European specialist in shopping center properties, decided to give customers a unique and personal window shopping experience that simultaneously advertised multiple brands available in its shopping center.

To enable this, body scanning technology was used to identify the customer and generate a selection of recommended products based on real-time inventory. The curated selection was then displayed on the walls around and the customer could simply tap the items to add them to their personal shopping list. In the end, the selections were synced with the Kl├ępierre mobile app, which then geo-located the products within the mall.