Ramble by Sunil Bahl @SunMatrix

The Troll Ad Button

To promote the new season of The Noite (a show hosted by one of Brasil's most popular comedian), Publicis Brasil came up with a new button on YouTube. For the first time they created a campaign where people could choose between a "Skip Ad" and "Troll this ad" button. This tweak to the YouTube pre-roll ads resulted in 4 times more video views for the campaign.


The Magic Poster

To promote the Quebec City Magic Festival, agency lg2 created a poster that featured a magicians hat. The message on it was however hidden from the naked eye with the help of an invisilble ink. Curious passersby who took pictures of the poster using their cell phone (flash on) unlocked the message. A lucky few even got a free ticket for the festival's closing show.


Leap of Faith

Hollywood stuntman Damien Walters for his latest stunt backfliped over a speeding Formula-E car as it approched him from behind. Watch the video below for the perfectly synchronised backflip...


WhatsApp Taxi


After years of public sharing and transparency on social media, people are gravitating toward more intimate, private and even anonymous ways to share, boosting the popularity of messaging apps and ephemeral messaging. Hence chat apps are becoming hubs for social networks, games, e-commerce and more.

Just last week I wrote about how KLM is starting to use Facebook Messenger for customer service related queries and tasks. Now Taxi Deutschland has launched a new service called "WhatsApp Taxi" to allow users in major German cities to order a taxi by simply sharing their location via a Whatsapp message. Watch the below demo video to see how easy it is to use.

For more details on this new service visit www.whatsapp-taxi.de


Theraflu Thermoscanner

With the start of the flu season, Theraflu in Poland wanted to create a tool that enabled passersby to check if they have a fever without actually interrupting their daily commute.

So Saatchi & Saatchi developed the world’s first outdoor ad with a live thermo-scanner camera, which could check the body temperature of the person standing next to it in real time.

The thermo-ad also enabled users to take a thermo-selife (which they could download from a microsite or via a QR code) and share it on social media using the hashtag #TherafluThermoscanner or send it by email to their boss to explain their absence.