Ramble by Sunil Bahl

World’s Toughest Job

Do you have what it takes to handle the World's Toughest Job? Mullen, an advertising agency in Boston, posted online and in newspapers a fake "Director of Operations" job for one of their clients. With over 2.7 million impressions from the paid placement, the ad got only 24 people applicants.

These applicants were then invited for a video conference, where they were told that they had to work more than 135 hours per week, with constant mobility, keen coordination and adept communication. There would also be no breaks, no holidays, and no pay. The end result was very unexpected... 8-)


Shop and pay with your fingerprint

Put your finger on the Home button, and your iPhone unlocks itself. This was made possible last year when Apple introduced the TouchID, a new fingerprint identity sensor built into the iPhone 5S (this year to be launched across other iDevices).

Since then the TouchID has also been used to allow users to approve purchases from the iTunes Store, the App Store, and the iBooks Store. Now Samsung and PayPal have teamed up to allow Galaxy S5 users to purchase items in retail outlets with a simple scan of their fingerprint...


Coca-Cola Christmas Balloons

Coca-Cola wanted to bring out the Santa in everyone. So for the 2013 holiday season, they created a special vending machine that prompted users to either get a free coke or give a free coke.

If the user choose a free coke, the machine quickly dispensed the drink for the user to enjoy. However, if the user decided to share, then the machine did something a little more special. :-) Watch the below video to find out...


Amazon Dash

Even though online shopping has revolutionized how we buy groceries, it still requires one to sit in front of a laptop or mobile device to order the item. So to revolutionize this further, Amazon has launched a first of its kind 'magic wand' called Amazon Dash that acts as a handheld, personal shopping assistant. The device can add items to the users AmazonFresh (US Only) online shopping list via a simple voice command or by scanning the barcodes of items that are running low at home. 8-)

More details for AmazonFresh users at the official Amazon Dash microsite.


The future of Wearable Tech

Research from Endeavour Partners is showing that one in 10 American adults own an activity tracker, half of them no longer use it. Similarly, one-third of American consumers who own smartwatches and other wearables stop using them within six months.

Does this mean that wearable tech is doomed before it has even gone mainstream in the rest of the world? Well, not really. Mashable in their latest Mobile Minute series looked at how wearable technology is empowering people in incredible ways. From helping the disabled navigate the world through haptic clothing, to letting them move wheelchairs and capture candid photos. Wearable tech is going to increase the quality of life for generations to come and here is how...