Ramble by Sunil Bahl

Ralph Lauren Polo 4D

In September 2012, Hugo Boss live streamed its Boss Black Fall Winter 2012 fashion show directly in 3D. Now fast forward to 2014 and Ralph Lauren has launched their Polo for Women Spring 2015 collection via a cinematic 4D experience. 8-)

On the evening of September 8th during the New York Fashion Week, Ralph Lauren created a runway out of a 60 foot high water-screen projection that towered above Manhattan’s Central Park fusing fashion, art and technology.


The Dancing Traffic Light

Traffic lights can be very dangerous for pedestrians, especially for those who don't like to wait for the light to change. So the Smart team from Mercedes-Benz created "The Dancing Traffic Light" where a person’s dance moves were brought to a traffic light in real time. As a result 81% more people stopped at that red light.


Topshop Social Catwalk

In a fashion week first, Topshop presented their Unique SS15 collection not only on the runway but also on Instagram and Facebook.

5 VIP Instagramers who had special access to the show gave the world a unique view of the event and invited fans to feature in the #TopshopWindow display that was set up at the flagship store in Oxford Circus, London. Parallely the new range was live streamed online and viewers could immediately 'Click to Buy' each outfit.


Eat the Art

Cheese brand Castello, teamed up with ad agency Duval Guillaume to give New Yorkers the opportunity to taste their cheese in a very original way. A pop-up museum was setup at Grand Central Station, where famous still life paintings that contained images of cheese were reproduced with great precision with existing Castello cheeses. The difference? You could really smell and eat the copied works of art.

Over the course of two days, more than 500,000 visitors enjoyed the unique exhibition and 40,000 people actually tasted the cheese.


KLM Live High Five

On 28th of August, KLM connected hundreds of people in Amsterdam and New York via a live interactive video display. The display let people on the streets of the two cities come face to face with one another, just as the French railway (SNCF) had done with Lyon and Brussels in 2012.

However the KLM version had a contest built into it. The connected people were asked to High Five each other and for every successfully timed High Five, the participants got two tickets to New York or Amsterdam.