Ramble by Sunil Bahl

The future of TV viewing

The TV viewing experience has not changed so drastically over the years. But with the development of sophisticated headsets like Microsoft HoloLens that is all set to change.

In a recently released video, Microsoft and NFL have successfully re-imagined how a Super Bowl game could be watched with multiple friends and family members...

While the video shows how immersive TV watching could get, Microsoft is not fast-tracking HoloLens for consumer consumption. For now, only developers can order HoloLens, which will ship this year. No one knows when consumers will get access to HoloLens or when scenarios like this will become a reality.


Nivea Second Skin Project

Christmas is a time for love and affection, and what better way to to show it than with a hug?

So Nivea Crème and Leo Burnett Madrid unveiled the "Second Skin Project" – a technological development that not only helped bring a mother and son together just in time for the holidays, but also showed the importance of human touch.

With the help of nanotechnology experts they used a fabric that simulated human skin and at the same time transmitted the sense of touch over a long distance. Then they got Laura and Pablo to test the product. The results...


Volkswagen Trailer Assist

The Trailer Assist feature allows Volkswagen cars to park semi-autonomously using the rear backup camera. To promote this feature in Norway, Volkswagen created a stunt where a driver backed up his car and trailer in high speed through parking lots, roundabouts and intersections...


Now check out this behind the scenes video to learn more about the stunt...


Hyundai Virtual Guide

To make life easier for car owners, Hyundai has built an augmented reality app called the Virtual Guide. It allows Hyundai owners to use their smart phones to get more familiar with their car and learn how to perform basic maintenance without delving into a hundred page owner's manual.

Here is a short demo video of the app from The Verge at CES 2016...

The Virtual Guide app will be available in the next month or two for the 2015 and the 2016 Hyundai Sonata and will come to the rest of the Hyundai range later on this year.


The Battle for Christmas Morning

Star Wars is a marketing phenomenon every brand wants to be part of. Disney infact signed up seven brands for what they called an expansive, historic promotional campaign. The brands included Covergirl, Max Factor, Duracell, FCA US, General Mills, HP, Subway and Verizon who all developed custom campaigns for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Since Star Wars is the biggest and most talked about event of 2015, I thought it would also make the perfect last post of the year for Ramble. 😎 So enjoy this lovely Star Wars TV ad from Duracell, it has already generated over 15 million views on YouTube...

May the force be with you.